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Dynetics Engineering - PC 5300G™


Featuring Dynetics exclusive "AUTO-FOCUS"


For over 45 years Dynetics® has consistently met the needs of the worldwide card counting industry with its line of innovative card counters. Now, Dynetics' venerable PC 5300® has been reengineered into the new PC 5300G™.

ENVIRONMENT: Dynetics is committed to doing our part to help keep our fragile planet "green." For example, the PC 5300G™ scan motor uses 75% less energy than previous designs! Additionally, elimination of other energy consuming components has produced the most energy efficient card counter in Dynetics' history. The use of RoHS compliant components and processes further validates Dynetics' commitment to the environment.

ACCURACY: The PC 5300G™ incorporates enhanced optics that use Dynetics' exclusive "dual off-center" scanning, which can compensate for defective card edges. The unique "auto-focus" feature automatically and continuously maintains boxed cards or a handful of cards at the optimum height, ensuring perfect focal length between the scanner and the cards. Two independent counting heads double check every count in one pass. Both counts must agree or the PC 5300G™ sounds an alarm. The system indicates where in the box the miscount occurred, identifying potential card flaws. During the scanning operation, all settings are "frozen" to eliminate operator error. In addition, with speed, accuracy, and efficiency, an accumulator displays the totals for both cards and boxes counted.

CONVENIENCE: The PC 5300G™ offers total card counting inventory control capabilities for both plastic card manufacturers and plastic card issuers. The PC 5300G™ will verify and display each scan count and manage the accumulated totals. Audio prompts inform the operator of the system's operation.

The PC 5300G™ is compact in size and its light weight allows the system to be easily positioned at different locations within your facility. All boxes are oriented right side up without flipping them over or placing them in special holders, which prevents potential spills or lost cards.

Our users depend on and appreciate the overall convenience engineered into every Dynetics card counter.

Permanent Hardcopy

An Optional Printer or Your Computer Gives
a Permanent Hardcopy Record of All Counts

SPEED & FLEXIBILITY: The PC 5300G™ is fast. A typical box of 500 cards can be scanned in two seconds. The system will count embossed or nonembossed cards in virtually any size or type of box, without any operator adjustments and without removing shrink wrap.

The PC 5300G™ is designed to count CR 80 cards oriented horizontally, or as an option, vertically. The configuration allows for non-standard sizes of cards to be counted. Handfuls of cards may also be counted with the same speed and accuracy. Simple pushbutton controls facilitate the system's ease of use.

The standard RS232 serial port printer audit trail option produces permanent hard copy verification of all scan counts, accumulated totals, and date/time stamps.

Your company name or other custom print information can be factory programmed into the PC 5300G™ at no additional charge with the printer audit option.

RELIABILITY: Dynetics' engineers subjected the PC 5300G™ to stringent testing during the design and production process. Our quality control ensures that you will enjoy years of reliable service from the product. The PC 5300G™ runs a self-diagnostic test every time you turn it on, and within seconds the system informs you everything is functioning properly.

If service is ever needed, simply return the system in its custom overnight shipping case to Dynetics, or one of our worldwide network of qualified dealers for fast repair. Because every member of our team recognizes your time-critical need for service, a one day turnaround time is standard.

Dynetics Engineering

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